Pokemon Sea Green was a Hack of Fire Red and Leaf Green. 


The Nuzlocke had finished with 26 Deaths, with one in the Elite Four.

The Rival was Nickel (ohnickel, a fellow streamer).



  • Ness the Pidgey (Lv. 3)

Unofficial Deaths

  • 3qwpt the Persian (Lv. 56)
  • Hi-Chew the Raichu (Lv. 58)
  • Mackhumps the Camerupt (Lv. 57)
  • Linnaeous the Tentacruel (Lv. 58)
  • Nessie 2.0 the Swellow (Lv. 57)

The Binding of NON

After the Nuclocke was finished, several Viewers asked Levi to catch Mewtwo, and so he went. After travelling past several Pokemon, he reached Mewtwo. To begin the battle 3qwpt was sent out, since Levi planned to "just master-ball it", however Levi laughs and states "you all thought I was going to use a master-ball, didn't you?" and then Levi purposely allowed 3qwpt to die. Hi-chew was next to face the wrath, and died, with Levi stating "oh you're dead, there was nothing I could do". Levi then 'accidently' used an X Special on Mackhumps, saying "what a mistake, oh I goofed, guys", and proceeded with an X Attack. Mackhumps used an attack on Mewtwo finally, and Levi started repeating "don'tkillitdon'tkillitdon'tkillit". Levi then began searching for useless items to let Mewtwo attack, and said "I got this guys". Mackhumps then died by Psychic. Linnaeous then was sent out, and him, too, was killed. When all was lost, NON the Muk was left. Levi said "Oh wait. I can use the master-ball" and then caught Mewtwo. Levi then said "sorry guys, I panicked, and used the master-ball". The Mewtwo was then named "HAH", because Levi 'thinks' he trolled his viewers.

Bloody Funday 

Levi decided to release everyone in the living Box, and he had 'reasons' for them. 

SinDa2nd (Reason not Specified)

Kenneth (Not wanted)


  • This Nuzlocke was the first Nuzlocke Levi had ever won, albiet it a hack.
  • Nessie was coincidentally both the first and last to die in the Nuzlocke. 

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